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When a company is started, we call it a beginning.

Actually, it is an end. It is the end result of the pursuit of interests, dreams, and goals of like-minded individuals, converging to begin a new course. In the same way, Horizon Design and Manufacturing LLC began long before it became an established design and manufacturing firm. It began in the minds of individuals with a common desire to create new things. Early experiences of these individuals were often adapting or changing existing things to solve a technological problem. This creative thread is a common bond in our select team.
Our team members bring a vast array of experience and talent to the creative process as seasoned designers, fabricators and innovators. Their collective experience comes from the fields of solar power, internal combustion engines, automotive design and repair, metal fabrication, welding, electricity, pneumatics, hydraulics, robotics, and fixture building. These talents have been further seasoned as they were applied to the design, creation and refinement of prototype machinery, appliances, and products.

Necessity is the mother of invention and is the core motivation of Horizon Design & MFG LLC. To find a need and to fill it with a new product is the drumbeat that drives the company. The search for the better “mousetrap” is what we constantly strive for.

The name of our company says much about its mind set. Horizon Design and MFG, LLC looks to the edge of our vision and understanding with a “can do” attitude as we explore the possibilities there. The search for new ideas is grounded in the soil of creative experience and nourished with the energy of fertile imaginations as we seek innovative solutions to improve our everyday world. Keep your eye on Horizon, for we are creating today, the products of tomorrow.

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